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NEMA Straight Blade and Locking Devices

Part Number Fig. Rating Description Color Type Stock Check
NEMA Straight Blade Devices 15A and 20A
Q-710 A 15A / 125VAC NEMA 5-15P Black Plug
Q-712 B 15A / 125VAC NEMA 5-15R Black Connector
Q-716 C 20A / 125VAC NEMA 5-20P Black Plug
Q-718 D 20A / 125VAC NEMA 5-20R Black Connector
Q-720 E 15A / 250VAC NEMA 6-15P Black Plug
Q-722 F 15A / 250VAC NEMA 6-15R Black Connector
Q-726 G 20A / 250VAC NEMA 6-20P Black Plug
Q-728 H 20A / 250VAC NEMA 6-20R Black Connector
NEMA Locking Devices 15A
Q-810 I 15A / 125VAC NEMA L5-15P Black Plug
Q-822 J 15A / 250VAC NEMA L6-15P Black Plug
Q-610 K 15A / 125VAC NEMA L5-15R Black Receptacle
Q-622 L 15A / 250VAC NEMA L6-15R Black Receptacle
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Plugs and connectors also available in black housing with white insert, add -BW suffix to part number